Manufacturers and Wholesalers

Specialty Pharmaceutical manufacturers serve a sophisticated, competitive, and highly dynamic marketplace. Success depends on more than simply contracting for market share; it requires a sophisticated understanding of customer needs, as well as the supply dynamics, practice utilization, pricing and reimbursement environments. And since those factors can change quickly, it requires a day-to-day presence in the marketplace. Our focus and sophisticated approach to specialty pharmaceutical marketing makes us a unique and valuable partner to the manufacturers we represent. For this reason, Health Coalition, Inc. (HCI) has long been a trusted partner for specialty pharmaceutical manufacturers; acting as more than a distributor, but as an extension of manufacturer sales and marketing efforts. Creating markets - not just moving boxes.

Coming from a pharmaceutical manufacturing background, HCI Founder Walter Shikany, Jr. understood the importance of strong distribution partners, and a day to day presence in the marketplace. Whether ensuring professional representation of specialty pharmaceutical products, advanced shipping notices or maintaining channel clarity, a trusted marketing partner plays a crucial role in the success of a manufacturer's portfolio.

HCI was envisioned to be an ideal partner for manufacturers, built on a foundation of uncompromising integrity and driven by three core principles: knowledge, reliability and service. Over the last decade, the industry has seen dramatic changes and faced daunting challenges. Through it all, HCI has continued to partner with manufacturers to create viable specialty pharmaceutical product markets by remaining committed to its founding principles.

Today, HCI is one of America's leading and most trusted providers of specialty pharmaceuticals - from plasma derivative products to oncolytics, to IV antibiotics and more. Licensed in all 50 states as a drug wholesaler, and an active and committed member of the Specialty Biopharmaceutical and Distribution Association (SBDA), HCI has earned the trust of thousands of hospitals, pharmacies, home healthcare companies, physician offices and alternate facilities. These valued customers have been integral in countless new product launches.


As a manufacturer partner, an in depth knowledge of the industry's clinical, logistic, economic, legal, regulatory and manufacturing supply environments is crucial. For almost twenty years, HCI has set the standard for being both involved in, and informed on, the specialty pharmaceutical industry.

Our clinical resources and training are unsurpassed, with a wealth of evidence based product specific information currently on file, as well as a host of abstracts and associated materials. As one of the industry's most robust providers, we cultivate a high degree of market and supply intelligence, a critical benefit to our customers and manufacturers in the dynamic and complex specialty pharmaceutical industry.

As an active member of the SBDA, we are continually involved in the economics and legislation surrounding the industry - and actively engaged in improving the regulatory and reimbursement environments for our suppliers, customers and patients. We understand firsthand how the intricacies of the reimbursement environment can impact the economics of a practice or the care of the patient, and we are adept at helping create opportunities for our manufacturer partners in that environment. And as industry advocates, we continually leverage our experience, expertise, and knowledge to effect positive change for our patients, our customers, and our suppliers.


In an industry tainted by counterfeiting and prone to shortages, reliability has become our hallmark, and it is evident in both our product integrity and our product availability. By adhering to a strict channel clarity policy, our manufacturer partners have the assurance that their products will be where they are expected to be, and always in compliance with the most strict laws and regulations. And since our reputation for reliability and integrity has created a strong a loyal customer base, our manufacturers come to trust our ability to build a market for their products.


Because we focus solely on specialty pharmaceutical products, we understand the value of specialized services and market data. And over the decades, we have developed a variety of value added services for our manufacturer partners - from professional pharmaceutical product presentation, enhanced market intelligence and data gathering capabilities, to the ability to serve as a clinical resources provider for products. The HCI Difference is our ability to enhance a manufacturer's marketing and sales efforts and become a seamless extension of their own sales force and marketing teams.

In the same spirit, our management and insight tools reflect our focus and expertise in the specialty pharmaceutical industry. For example, our Electronic Customer Relations Management (eCRM) program not only benefits our end users, manufacturers can gain access to a real time market research by working with HCI. We continually monitor the pricing and supply environments for our customers and suppliers, which helps understand dynamic changes and streamline decision making. Through advanced systems and technologies such as eCRM, we ensure that our market research is current, and relevant.

As a manufacturer's representative, we go beyond simply product; our focus is on enhancing our partner's broader portfolio. Our marketplace presence, financial stability, industry knowledge, and ability to drive product can significantly enhance brand specific markets as well as portfolio growth and product launch strategies.