• Virtual Warehouse for Monitoring and Dating
  • Simple End-of-Month Inventory Procedure
  • NO Inventory Carrying Costs
  • NO Fees, NO Quotas, NO RISKS


Our Consignment Program allows you to keep products on your shelf without any cost until it is used by your facility.

There are many advantages to a Consignment Agreement with Health Coalition. As compared to other companies, we guarantee that product will be swapped out and replaced once approaching a date of 6 months prior to its expiration.

Inventory is only done once a month and performed by one of your team members. This will minimize intrusion into your work flow and allow you to pick a time that works best for you prior to month's end. Once the inventory is complete, you can fax or e-mail the Inventory Form to us, and the order is billed under one invoice, one purchase order, once a month.

We are currently providing full-line Consignment Programs Nationwide.

To learn more about our Consignment Program, or if you would like to set up one, please call us at (800) 456-7283.

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