Physicians and Medical Offices

Health Coalition Inc. (HCI) is much more than a distributor of specialty pharmaceutical products, for the simple reason that HCI partners with physicians to find the best solutions for the unique challenges each practice faces. The clinical and economic aspects of specialty pharmaceutical therapy in a practice setting demand more than merely shipping from point A to point B. Our consultative business philosophy includes providing our sales professionals with the knowledge and tools to help you, our partner, succeed. HCI helps physicians optimize their business by addressing the relationship between overall drug utilization, clinical application, the supply environment and reimbursement levels. This sophisticated approach, backed by the most robust and reliable supply chain and logistics infrastructure in the industry helps practices craft a program that delivers both improved outcomes and a stronger bottom line. This has allowed HCI to become innovators and pioneers within our Industry.

From the day HCI was founded, President Walter R. Shikany, Jr. was committed to building a different kind of supply partner, focused on chronic care pharmaceuticals with the highest level of integrity, and driven by three core principles, knowledge, reliability and service. Since that time, the specialty pharmaceutical industry has seen dramatic changes and faced daunting challenges. Through it all, HCI has remained committed to its founding principles and continued to grow because of its commitment to our customers and the patients they serve.


At HCI, our focus isspecialty pharmaceuticals. These are unique, important products, as are the practices that offer specialty pharmaceutical therapies. These medications require a different level of sophistication to manage the challenges of product handling and logistics, the range of clinical applications, and the complex economics of reimbursement.

Because we are focused on specialty pharmaceuticals, we work hard everyday to understand the complex dynamics of this industry. This commitment is exemplified in every professional we employ, from our executives to our warehouse personnel. Our training programs are extensive, and include substantive exposure to clinical issues, as well as the economics and logistics environment. We are continually advocating and lobbying for the biopharmaceutical industry, both as a leading company, and as a member of the Specialty Biopharmaceutical Distributor Association (SBDA). And because we operate in the specialty pharmaceutical industry every day, our knowledge is current, broad and deep.

In our partnerships with physician practices, this expertise manifests itself in a variety of ways. Our clinical library contains a wealth of clinical indication files offering evidence based support for the broad utilization of the products we service. Abstracts and related resources are available upon request. In addition, we are constantly tapped into the latest news, developments and research in the biopharmaceutical industry, including the rapidly changing reimbursement landscape of Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurers.

More importantly, we understand how to bring this knowledge together to help improve outcomes, and bottom lines. Because our focus includes the broader industry, we can often identify opportunities for our customers, from suggesting alternate products, to reviewing overall utilization rates. And since different specialty pharmaceutical products can have similar clinical applications, and still yield different reimbursement rates, maximizing an office's economics may not necessarily be tied to purchasing the lowest cost product. Accordingly, HCI routinely conducts practice performance analyses to help ensure that its customers are optimizing their clinical, procurement and business environments.


In an industry tainted by counterfeiting and prone to shortages, reliability has become our hallmark, something reflected in both our product integrity and availability. We buy every product directly from the manufacturer or a licensed, authorized drug wholesaler. We offer Advance Shipping Notices that ensure the integrity of our products from the manufacturer's warehouse to the clinical provider. And our commitment to quality control is unsurpassed.

Equally important, our customers never wait for product, even during critical shortages. Our multimillion dollar inventory assures product availability, made possible by building outstanding partnerships over many years with specialty pharmaceutical manufacturers. In fact, in many cases we are designated as an Authorized Distributor of Record or a Preferred Partner. Our logistics are second to none and feature a separate warehouse and logistics operation with climate controlled and validated refrigeration.


Our ability to help improve bottom lines and outcomes is a reflection of both our expertise and our commitment to providing a level of service that goes above and beyond ordinary distributors.

More importantly, it is only one reflection of that commitment. Our innovative 24/7 availability program was the first of its kind in the industry. In case of emergency, our customers can call any time of any day, and HCI will respond to that call promptly, and deliver a solution, anywhere in the country.

Our Information Technology and product tracking systems are cutting edge, and were developed specifically for the unique needs and demands of the specialty pharmaceutical industry. These tools allow us to react instantaneously to manufacturer supply changes and recalls. We track when and where every product we distribute has been purchased, and who has purchased it since its inception. We identify by lot number where the product has been sold, which, during a recall, allows us to contact each facility immediately, to ensure the highest level of patient safety and assurance.

In addition, our range of value added services allow physicians to look incisively into their practice, with utilization reports, and a variety of inventory management, and logistic control tools. And finally, our people make the difference every day, from emergency on-call staff and clinical resources, to the understanding of the complex reimbursement landscape; this is the level of sophistication that comes with our commitment as the industry leaders.